How to remove or cut off button shank

We’ve been getting numerous requests to come up with a video showing how to remove button shank and brooch pin. Finally here we have it ready to share with you.

It’s fairly simple, you do not need sophisticated expensive tools, just the following:
– Plier
– Wire cutter
You could easily get these 2 tools from your nearby hardware store.

Please take extra precaution when you are in the process of cutting off the shank; it has tendency to fly off. Do wear eye protection (for example: safety goggle) and ensure that there are no small children in close proximity.

The video shows you how to remove button shanks, but the same method can also be used to remove brooch pin. Once the shanks/pin is removed from button or brooch, it’s ready for various craft project, i.e. scrapbooking, hairpin, earrings, hair accessories, box decoration, book front page decoration, etc.

Enjoy the video! Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

Sock Monkey Photography Prop from SweetLoveCreates

I chance upon this cute photography prop today at SweetLoveCreates. Check it out, they have so many adorable props for newborns. You will be spoilt for choice. How I miss out the chance of having such adorable baby photo with these props as my kids are toddlers now.  So if any of you or your friends who just have newborn, this might be a perfect set for capturing memory of your little one.

SweetLoveCreates’s props are so popular that the owner currently only opens her online shop once a month or so. There will be ready-to-ship items for purchase during the online shop opening day. So you have to be quick to secure the item you like. For more details of the opening day and time, visit shop’s website.

And also check out the beautiful photo, credit to Amanda Cutler from Pumpkin Pie Photography.

Disclaimer: This is not in any way an affiliate marketing or paid advertisement. Just my simple love of these cute props and would therefore like to share it.

Button Board Magnet

Honoring all of the great teachers out there, Happy Teacher’s Day!

My kids and I made some of these button magnets as gift for their kindergarten teachers yesterday. Wrapped them up nicely, they signed on the cards and handed to their teachers. We’re quite thrilled with the result, hopefully the magnets will serve as something useful.

Here I am sharing with you on how we make this simple handmade magnet, hope you will find them useful too.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Buttons or brooch (preferably flatback)
  2. Wire Cutter (to cut of the shank on the button to make it flatback)
  3. Pen Knife
  4. Pack of round magnets (I got mine from Daiso)

Instructions: how to make the magnet….more >>>

Handmade Fabric Rosette

Tutorial on How to Make Fabric Rosette

I made this rosette hairband as a birthday gift to my friend’s daughter. And she was quite surprise to find out I made it myself. It’s actually done after many trial and error sessions, and here I’m sharing with you as Free Tutorial. The size of the rosette shown above is about 2″ diameter each. You’re free to try it out and find tune it to your liking. Happy crafting!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Strip of Fabric 2″ width by 39″ length (you can have it wider or shorter, try it out to see the difference)
  2. Needle and Thread (choose the thread close the color-toned of your fabric)
  3. Rhinestone Button
  4. Metal Hairband (you can check-out your local craft store and get any blank/plain hairband)
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. 2 pieces of 2″ x 2″ white colour felt
  7. Scissor

Instructions: How to make the fabric rosette…more >>>

Ranunculus Brooch with Rhinestone Button

Tutorial on How to Make Ranunculus brooch with rhinestone button

This Ranunculus brooch measures around 60mm diameter. I’ve actually used 2 flower to make this one brooch. Attached is the instruction. It’s simple tutorial mainly sharing the method of stacking up 2 flowers to make it look denser, fuller. And also in this case I’ve attached guinea feathers as part of the embellishment.

This is a very simple Do-It-Yourself tutorial, and it’s good enough to get you a nice handmade flower brooch.

“Tutorial on How To Make Flower Brooch with Rhinestone Button”

What You’ll Need (for details please refer to the above attached instruction):

  1. Artificial Flower
  2. Rhinestone Button
  3. Guinea feathers
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Brooch Pin
  6. Scissor

Magnolia and Mums Flower Hair Pins

Tutorial on How to Make Magnolia and Mums Flower Hair Pins

This is my maiden attempt to share the result of my handmade hairpins. I made both of the magnolia and spikey mum hairpins during the day of the World Cup final between Spain and Netherlands, contemplating should I be sleeping and wake up in the wee hour to watch the final or should I spend the night making these lovely hair pins and therefore have to miss the World Cup final. Tough choice, but I have chosen the latest.

I am no expert when comes to handmade accessories but maybe the attached instruction of how I make the blue magnolia hair pin could be quite handy as reference.  The hairpins are quite simple to put together. And the combination of striking color of the flower and button make them look quite refined.

It can be clipped on hair by itself or it can be added on to elastic hair band.

“Tutorial on How to Make Flower Hairpin with Rhinestone Button”

What You’ll Need (for details please refer to the above attached instruction):

  1. Artificial Flower
  2. Rhinestone Button
  3. Felt
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Alligator Hair Pin
  6. Scissor